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Kilix: Using ModHel'X for interacting with 3D models using gestures

Kilix is a project with and from Université de Mons

A Kinect is used to detect the movements and state (open/closed) of the hands of the user. A ModHel'X heterogeneous model is used to process this information and turn it into gestures (move, swipe), and describe the semantic adaptation between these gestures and actions on 3D models. For instance, when manipulating a 3D model of a book, the "move" gesture can be mapped to the "move" action on the book, while the "swipe" gesture is mapped on "open" or "close" according to the direction of the swipe.

The code is available here, but relies on OS specific binaries and libraries, so you may prefer to watch the demonstration which was made at the CAMPaM 2012 workshop:

First run!

Slides of a preliminary presentation showing the goal and structure of the project

Presentation of the demo at CAMPaM 2012

ModHel'X running the Kilix model