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RiseClipse: using MDE tools for IEC standards

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About RiseClipse

RiseClipse is an umbrella name for tools based on Model Driven Engineering (MDE) technologies and dedicated to IEC standards. These tools are developed in the context of RISEGrid and used within or based on Eclipse or its plugins.

The main tools are used to verify OCL constraints on models. Currently supported metamodels are the IEC61970/IEC61968 CIM and the IEC61850 SCL.

RiseClipse is released under the Eclipse Public License 2.0.

Who is behind RiseClipse

RiseClipse is developed by the Computer Science department of CentraleSupélec and by the MIRE department of EDF R&D. This collaboration is done in the context of the RISEGrid Institute.

Thanks to an agreement between CentraleSupélec and EDF, the evolution of RiseClipse is managed by a committee headed by Dominique Marcadet and Éric Lambert.

Each year, since 2008, some students from CentraleSupélec contribute to RiseClipse (and to CimClipse before) as part of their curriculum. They are listed here.

How to get RiseClipse

The latest information is now available on https://riseclipse.github.io

History of RiseClipse

The collaboration on the CIM standard between the computer science department of Supélec (now CentraleSupélec) and the MIRE department of EDF R&D started in 2002. The CIM was then edited using the Rose tool from Rational. The objective of the collaboration was to generate a C++ framework from the Rose model. This framework was able to read and to write files conforming to the CIMXML format, and to allow for manipulation of C++ object corresponding to the CIM objects. This framework was used to develop converters between closed formats and CIMXML format.

The idea of applying tools of the EMF framework of Eclipse to the CIM was raised in 2008. By promoting the CIM from the M1 level (UML model) to the M2 level (Ecore model), it was possible to use the OCL Eclipse plugin to check CIMXML files without being limited by the XML nature of these files. The tool was called CimClipse and presented at the CIMug meeting in 2010 at Milan. The tool was also used in Entsoe tests in 2010 and 2011.

The RiseClipse name was chosen in 2013 because we decided to apply the same approach to another standard (IEC61850), so we have to remove CIM in the name. The launch of the RISEGrid Institute in December 2012 give us the opportunity for the new name.

RiseClipse has been used during the IEC 61850 interoperability tests in September 2015 and in the Entsoe tests in July 2016.

RiseClipse has been presented at the 19th Power Systems Computation Conference in June 2016 in Genoa. The full article is available here.


Feel free to contact Dominique Marcadet for any inquiry about RiseClipse.